LIFEMAPS Train the Trainer

On the 28th of September the Access for Success team attended LIFEMAPS training - a new framework to help build the mental health of young people. 

LIFEMAPS is an acronym for 8 interlinked concepts: Learning, Intrinsic Motivation, Flow, Emotions, Mindfulness, Accomplishments, Purpose, Social Connections. 

This training provided us with a toolkit to promote positive mental health, we learnt a range of new ways to include mental health messages through fun and interactive games and activities which we intend to use as part of our resilience building workshops. 

We also looked closely at the research done by Martin Seligman on happiness which told us that 50% of a persons happiness is down to their genetics, 40% is intentional activity and only 10% is based on your individual circumstances. This tells us that you could be the richest person in the world, live in one of the most affluent places or rank highly on the social status scale, but it does not necessarily make you happy. Happiness comes from yourself, the actions you choose to do and how you create your own happiness. 

We also completed an interesting activity where we were put into teams and asked to create a model of what we thought mental health looked like using only straws and tape. Our team did cheat slightly by using a coffee cup! Image below.

ya training 2.jpg

The straws on the outside of the cup represents how we may feel externally or how we want to be perceived by others e.g. confident, happy, cheerful, motivated but when you "pop the lid" on these emotions you see the true emotions, demonstrated when the lid is open. You can see all the straws are mixed up inside. Only when someone delves deeper or someone asked the person the question do we really see a persons true mental health state, And of course our team won! Thanks to Youth Action for this training opportunity. 

ya training 3.jpg
Darrel MulgrewComment