Beat those Monday Blues

January the 15th is known as Blue Monday - The most depressing day of the year. Here is 4 ways to feel less glum and beat those Monday blues. 


1. Think Positive


We have 20,000- 70,000 thoughts per day, feed your mind with positive thoughts to curb those negative thoughts and extinguish anxiety, fears and worries. The power of positive thinking is vital for success.


2. Get Outside

Even if you are at work today, use your lunch break to get a bit of fresh air and go for a walk outside.

During Winter, the amount of serotonin the body can dip due to shorter days, so it's important to get out of the house as much as possible. Whether it is by yourself or with a friend it is good for both your physical and emotional health to get out of your usual routine of coming home from school or work, getting straight into your pj's, lying on the sofa and having yet another Netflix and chill night. You will feel much better - Trust Me! 

3. Put down your phone


We all know we spend too much time on social media sites scrolling through the same things every day. It has been proven that this can negatively impact your mood.

Try avoiding social media and work/personal emails 90 minutes before bedtime. Instead use this time to have a relaxing bath, start a new book or listen to some feel good tunes. A book we can recommend is Ferne Cotton's book called Calm helping you to work through life's stresses.

4. Take Time to Yourself

We as a nation have a need to please others and put our family and friends needs ahead of our own. Use this one day to look after you! Take that quick power nap you never allow yourself to take. Make yourself your favourite meal, watch that "feel good" movie or just simply close your bedroom door, light a candle, stick in your earphones and breath.


Brighten Up Blue Monday with AWARE NI

Wear something colourful today to brighten your mood and the mood of the others at your school, college or workplace and raise money for AWARE NI

Darrel Mulgrew