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It can be difficult for people with disabilities to receive accredited First Aid training due to their abilities and requirements of the trainers and organisations. Unfortunately this means people bound to their wheelchair or those who cannot physically get down on their knees beside a casualty to perform CPR are disadvantaged and tend to go without the general awareness of what First Aid entails.

Here at Access for Success we want to be inclusive and equip all young people with the basic skills of First Aid despite their disability. On Friday 21st of December we will be delivering a First Aid Awareness Course from 10am -1pm in Omagh Enterprise Centre, which is inclusive to all. Although this is not an accredited course, all attendees will receive a certificate and possess the skills and knowledge to know what needs to happen in a crisis.

This has been set up for all Access for Success members. If you are interested in attending please contact Davina Kelly on 028 822 48118 or email the team at

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