Get Your Hands on Our Happiness Planner

The happiness planner 2.jpg

“A great attitude becomes a great day, which becomes a great month, which becomes a great year which becomes a great life”

The Happiness Planner is a planner like no other! It is designed to help you focus on what makes you happy and to promote positive thinking, mindfulness and self-development. It aims to help you become your best self, adopt a positive outlook on life, practice gratitude and reflect on your days, weeks and months – mastering happiness one day at a time. Access for Success does not focus on members weaknesses or negative thoughts so when our team made the discovery of this little book of happiness, we couldn't believe how well suited it was for this project and we just had to have it!

As a member of Access for Success, each individual will receive their very own Happiness Planner which they can use over the course of their time with us. The journal has 100 undated days of planning which coincides well with the duration of the project and gives flexibility to start the planner at whatever stage the individual wants. It is believed that 100 days is a perfect length of time to reap new habits, make lifestyle changes or an attitude shift. Ideally it will be used as a roadmap through the project - for each individual to track their progress and improve their positive thinking and focus on the good things in life.


The Happiness Planner will encourage members to;

·         Set goals and make action plans

·         Integrate more of what makes you happy into daily life

·         Plan to make changes to things that aren’t working

·         Learn to see the positive in every day

·         Start the day with a positive thought

·         End each day with gratitude

·         Reflect on your week and month and the lessons you have learnt

Darrel Mulgrew