Humans of Success - Then and Now

Name - Patrick Butcher

Age - 19

Hometown - Limavady


''I have struggled throughout my life connecting with those around me but I like to think I have come a long way.''

Being on the Autistic Spectrum I feel has impacted on my ability to connect with people around me when growing up. This along with going through major correction surgery on my spine not once but twice which has caused me many problems both physically and psychologically. These factors contributed to me engaging in very little in a social setting over the years. Over the past couple of years, I have pushed my boundaries and have challenged myself to overcome my barriers even if at first I was uncomfortable in doing so and as a result, I have come out of my shell a lot.

I have a lot of interests and gaming is one of them, watching streams on twitch has been a way where I could connect with others with similar interest and helped me become a part of a community even if it is only online. I see gaming as an escape and a way for me to de-stress and disconnect from the outside world but I have found it can only do so much.

Working with Access for Success has helped me through some difficult times in the past and has encouraged me to tackle my issues around stress and social interaction through their workshops and social events.

Access For Success has helped me in a number of different ways from helping me to widen my social circle, along with helping me to get out more with their many workshops and days out. However, the one event in particular that sticks out to me is the European youth event which we attended in 2018. I took part in delivering a workshop in a room full of strangers which just goes to show how far I have come, it was a fantastic event for my development from introverted teen to the man that I am now.


I am now more comfortable tackling things that I would have previously avoided. Access for Success has given me the platform to address and work on issues that really affected me as a teenager. I plan to volunteer in their summer club ''BALANCE 2019'' as a peer mentor to help others who may have the same issues.

Darrel Mulgrew