MentalSnapp App


Anyone who is familiar with the Access for Success project knows that we strive to build resilience, increase confidence and provide positive coping techniques for young people. 

Now there is an App that aids us in improving positive mental health. How often do we take the time to tell ourselves how we are feeling? This video App allows you to do exactly that. 

MentalSnapp is a place for you to tell your story through video: your daily struggles, your successes, your worries and your happiest moments, and gain confidence in doing so. 

No one watches these videos only YOU! No one judges you - you get the chance to know yourself that bit better.

We believe you all already have the skills to manage your mood and your mental health: recording them through this App can help draw out them skills. 

MentalSnapp if free to download for all, however we plan to do some work around this with all Access for Success members while on the project to increase confidence, get people to know themselves and to recognise their feelings and emotions and how these can change dependent on life events. 

For further information on the App visit or download the App now on your Smartphone. 

Darrel Mulgrew