The Resilience Doughnut - not food related!

In preparation for Access for Success, our team have sourced training to help our customers get the very best out of the project and themselves. The model we are going to use is The Resilience Doughnut! Yes, you read it right it’s called The Resilience Doughnut. It is shaped like a doughnut, looks like a doughnut and called a doughnut - but unfortunately, it doesn't taste good. 

This model turns the way we look at improving resilience on its head. Instead of looking at difficulties and risks this model zones in on what helps us survive and thrive. The Doughnut jumps straight into a person’s life; finding out what’s working, identifying a person's strengths and innovative ways to utilise these to make positive steps to the future. We hope our information events, which will happen at the beginning of each members journey with us, will help members understand how The Resilience Doughnut works and how we plan to make this a part of their journey from beginning to end.

Our Access for Success staff at Omagh Support Services recently graduated as Level 1 Resilience Trainers completing Stage 1 through a 6-week online platform and Stage 2 face-to-face with the Managing Director at The Resilience Centre UK, John Shepperd. This model brings 30 to 40 years of research and best practice together and we are very excited to announce that we will be the FIRST ORGANISATION IN NORTHERN IRELAND facilitating The Resilience Doughnut and the FIRST ORGANISATION IN THE UK facilitating to people with disabilities! We count ourselves lucky to work alongside such a supportive and knowledgeable team both in the UK and Australia - thank-you for giving us this opportunity to jump on board the doughnut train.  

If you would like more information about the Resilience Doughnut please click on the link below; 

Darrel Mulgrew