Do I have to be aged 18-25 to be an Access for Success member?


This project has been designed to suit this age group in particular. However, we do support people for up to two years therefore if a young person is aged 18-25 within the two year support period we can accept their registration.


Do I have to have a physical disability to join?


No. We can accept registrations from people with a range of disabilities including; Acquired Brain Injury, Sensory Impairment, ADHD/Autism, mild learning difficulties, mental health problems and medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes and asthma.


How do I register myself to become an Access for Success member?


You can simply visit our website www.accessforsuccessni.org and click on the “Register” tab and follow the instructions. You will then receive an email about whether you are eligible and what workshops will be coming up in your area. Alternatively you can email accessforsuccessni@gmail.com or call the team on 028 822 48118.


How do I refer someone I work with/care for?


If you know of a young person you support or care for who you think would be suitable for the project please call the team on 028 822 48118 or email accessforsuccessni@gmail.com. Furthermore, we recommend that you speak with the young person about Access for Success and if they are interested they can self-register via our website.


Do I have to attend all workshops over the 12 weeks?


No. You do not have to attend all workshops on offer to you as we do understand that not all workshops will be of interest to you. However, we do ask that you attend a wide range of workshops during the 12 weeks to get the most out of the project as you possibly can.


How do I book onto a workshop?


If you go to our website www.accessforsuccessni.org follow the Tab for workshops choosing those in your preferred area. Within each workshop you will be able to find the location, time and details about the workshop. All you need to do is click the “Book on Existing Member” button and fill in a booking form using your exclusive members password. Or if you are not yet a member, click “Become a Member” where you will be taken to the Register form.


Can I only attend a workshop if I am an Access for Success member?


Yes. However, it is possible for us to register you as a member quickly and let you attend a workshop that is of interest to you. You will need to fill in a registration form and state that you would like to attend a workshop coming up soon despite not being involved in the full 12 weeks 24 hours prior to the workshop you are interested in.


Do you offer anything for parents/carers of Access for Success members?


Yes we do. We feel strongly about including the parents/carers in Access for Success and offer a range of workshops within the 12 weeks for the also. Please see our workshop calendar for any upcoming parent/carer workshops.


What happens after the 12 weeks of workshops?


After you complete your 12 week workshops you will have a 1-2- 1 session with your Project Officer to discuss what pathway you will next take. This can include; attending further workshops for up to 2 years, becoming a volunteer, gaining work experience or becoming a member of our lobbying group.


How much does the programme cost?


Access for Success is completely free of charge.


Do you provide transport for members to get to and from the workshops?


We do expect all members to organise their own form of transport to and from workshops however, for activity centre days and long distance day trips we do provide wheelchair accessible transport for all members. If you become a volunteer, we can offer travel expenses.


What type of workshops can I look forward to?


We try to offer a wide range of workshops from one group to the next dependant on what the group what like to do. Some of the workshops we have run to date have been focused on Self-Image and Self-Esteem, Healthy Eating, Online Safety, Social Connections and Positive Coping Techniques. We try to have a mix of activities which are both educational and fun by including Movie nights, Games night, Cinema trips and Activity Centre excursions.


If you have any further questions which have not been covered please email us at

accessforsuccessni@gmail.com and we will endeavour to reply within a 24 hour period.